For the past few years, Hugo & Cat has been asked to attend the CES trade show in Las Vegas and the IFA trade show in Berlin to create content which showcases Sony's presence at these events. 

We produce a timelapse video to show the preparations, keynote, and buzz of the event as well as a number of other photography assets to be used across social media channels and on Sony's dedicated event page.

Pre-production includes concepting for the timelapse and general content ideas, however once on site the production style is very ad-hoc and reactive due to the nature of events as well as access to products as the setup is completed. We still create an hourly production schedule to ensure we can fit everything in however have to be flexible and update the schedule frequently.


We work extremely closely with the clients during the event to ensure we capture exactly what they need. During the day we attend the event and then do post-production at the hotel in the evening to ensure the quickest delivery possible.


Director, Photographer, Videographer, Editor: Marko Anstice & Mark Mathieson

Producer: Rebekah Renford

Account Manager: Nick Lawrence