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Halflife Films

Project Background

Deep Clean is a live action supernatural horror short, an exciting partnership between comic artist and filmmaker. Created by Matt Harlock (American The Bill Hicks Story, Ink Cocks & Rock’n’Roll) and Krent Able (writer, graphic artist and visual storyteller), Deep Clean is a truly original horror, set in a unique world.


Deep Clean slowly peels back a naturalistic set up to reveal just what lies beneath our everyday world.

This project was funded by Genera Films & Kickstarter.

As Co-Producer and Production Manager, I managed all elements of the production post-funding. 

Festival Screenings

Screamfest LA, Los Angeles 
Celluloid Screams, Sheffield 
Knoxville Horror Film Festival 
American Horrors Film Fest, WI     
Cambridge Film Festival 
Comic Con panel, O2   
Frightfest Halloween, London 
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 

Leeds International Film Festival 
Hospital Club, London 
San Francisco Indie Fest 
London Short Film Festival
Falcon Int. Film Festival 

Oct 14, 2018 (Sun @12pm)
Oct 21, 2018
Oct 18-21, 2018 ------------ WINNER - Best Director, Best Short
Oct 26, 2018
Oct 27 @9.45pm/Oct 28 @10am
Oct 27, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 @12.45pm

Nov 7/8/9/10, 2018

Nov 11, 2018

Nov 18, 2018
Nov 28 - Dec 12, 2018
Jan 11 - 20, 2019
Feb 26, 2019 ----------------- WINNER - Best Short

16 year old Alex is a troubled kid, excluded from school for fighting and for his weird drawings, evidence to some of a disturbed mind. To keep him out of juvenile detention, he is forced into doing a boring work placement with his loser Uncle Brian who works for the council.  

What he doesn’t know is that Deep Clean is a secret council unit whose job is blocking up demon portals.  

Full Credits

Director & Producer
Matt Harlock

Co Producer
Rebekah Renford

Created by

Krent Able & Matt Harlock

Story by

Krent Able & Matt Harlock

Screenplay by

Matt Harlock


Paul Kaye

Tony Way

Joshua Glenister

Shaquille Ali-Yebuah

Simon Lukacs

Laura Evelyn

Amy Devlin


Uncle Brian




Well-dressed man

Well-dressed woman


Executive Producer
Aaron Marshall

Associate Producers
Rawdon de Fresnes


Director of Photography

1st Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Directors

Production Manager

Focus Puller

2nd AC

Camera Trainee





Production Designer

Assistant Art Director

Set Construction

Art Department Assistants

Costume Designer

Costume Standby

Hair & Makeup Artist

Sound Recordist

Production Co-ordindator


Unit Drivers

Set Photographer

Cast Photographer

Behind the Scenes / EPK


SFX Operator

Casting Directors

Script Editors

Producer of Festivals & Marketing

Deep Clean logo design

Logo Typography by

Greg Duffield

Rawdon de Fresnes

Chris Malin

Sam Waddington

James May

Rebekah Renford

Stuart Anderson

Claire Fraser

Tom Carpenter

Ryan Thwaites

Lee Godfrey

Vincenzo Onorato

Colin Thwaites

Tom Campbell

Christian Nguyen

Alessandro Olivieri

Nela Resler

Christelle Chebli

Natalie O'Connor

Mariano Quijada

Ed Cotterill

Shean Caisley

Diogo Gomes

Maria Olalla

Claudia Raquel Pinheiro

Adam Dee

Hoda Jazayeri

Siwan Hill

Nicholas Ager

Laura Kirby

Stephanie Bradshaw

Craig Bruce

John Cleary

Martin Pullen

Phoebe Hodgetts

Susie Coleridge Smith

Peter Muller

John Sanders

Kyle Stevenson

James Williams

Anthony Jarman

Dan Martin

Liam Doyle

Emily Tilelli

Sally Andres

Zita Konak

Paul Thomas

Richie Pengelley

Chris Blaine

Ben Blaine

Karol Griffiths

Laura Kirby

Matt Harlock

Andres Torresi

Special Visual Effects
Territory Studio

Special Thanks
Dulwich Cricket Club

The Crown & Greyhound Pub

Kim Booker @ Raffelinas Catering

Tower Hamlets Council

Daniel Peters

Adrian Greenwood

Aoife McKim

Martin Walker

Ian Jackson @ VMI

Laura Thompson @ Panalux

SP Location Rental

All our amazing Kickstarter backers for helping us make this a reality!

Behind the Scenes 
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